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Compliance and Legal Risks

Working with individuals who have connections to crimes such as money laundering and terrorism, listed on Turkey and global sanction lists, can bring legal problems associated with the companies they establish

Production Risks, Customer Risks

Production delays, faulty manufacturing, and customer dissatisfaction resulting from third parties not fulfilling their commitments are significant risks.”.

Abuse Risks

Errors in calculations and payments due to alterations made in documents provided by third parties fall within this risk category..

Reputation Risks

The problems that third parties may cause pose significant risks for the company and brand.

Collection Risk

Advances given to third parties, deferred products, customer commitments, etc. are situations that may result in financial losses..

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  • Findex Check Report
  • Findex Risk Report
  • Tax Declarations
  • Trade Registry Gazette
  • Search lists of sought, illegal, etc. of the Institutions in Turkey
  • International Sanction Lists
  • Restricted/Blacklist of Your Company
  • Ministries’ List of Companies Prohibited from Tenders
  • User Company’s ERP Data
  • Tax and SGK Debt Letters
  • User Company Manual Entries
  • Media News – Google Infrastructure

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Basic Module

  • Findeks Risk / Check Report Integration Module
  • Reading and Processing Modules for KKB, Tax Debt Status, Personal Security Reports, etc.
  • Special Financial Ratio Determination Module
  • Yellow/Red Flag Definition Module
  • Dynamic Score Decision Module
  • Creating Job-Based Risk Reports
  • Periodic and Bulk Financial Situation Analysis Module
  • Creating Company-Specific Workflow
  • Email Receipt and Processing Module
  • Document Collection Module with Link and Portakal
  • Hierarchical Note Change Module
  • Company Blacklist Control
  • Automatic Alerts/Notifications in Document Receipt
  • Analysis Status Display Module
  • Company-Specific PDF Report Creation
  • Advanced Reporting Module

Sanction List Control Module

  • SAP Integration
  • Procurement Orange Integration
  • Integration with Accounting Software
  • Integration with Internal Systems through API/Web Services

ERP Integration

  • Control of company and partner from 300+ international sources
  • E-kap Forbidden Company check
  • Checklist of Turkey search list

Commercial Registry Gazette Matching Module

  • Notification of changes related to the company from the Commercial Gazette
  • Creating yellow and red flags for critical change

Obtaining data related to the company from Google News

  • Reporting news related to the company and partners